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hi everyone!

we are super excited to announce that our next art opening will feature artists from san francisco's CREATIVITY EXPLORED! the art for this show will feature interpretations of magazines, created by the center's artists specifically for this exhibition!

as stated on their website, the mission of creativity explored is to "enable adults with developmental disabilities to express themselves artistically in a way that is personally rewarding and appreciated by others." joe used to volunteer at the center's CE 2 facility and one of our very good friends runs this space. we are continually inspired by the program and its artists and it is such a privilege to feature this work on our walls.

please join us for our opening reception on friday, august 8th, from 5 pm to 9 pm. the show runs through friday, september 19th. we invite you to come on in and take a look at these new ISSUES at ISSUES!

xoxo noella & joe
2008-07-26 19:49:50 GMT
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I hope you will also work with:

Creative Growth Art Center
355 24th Street, Oakland

They are doing similar things and are based in Oakland!
2008-07-31 17:00:16 GMT
Creative Growth is an excellent organisation and very serious about promoting their artists. Please understand that the following comments are not meant as a put down of either CG or Issues in any way. CG show their artist's work primarily in gallery and museum settings. Nothing wrong with that. Also most artists (or arts organisations) want to expand their audience. So taking into account those two factors I don't think CG would find it of particular value to mount an exhibition in a magazine store (notwithstanding how fantastic of a store that it is) in Oakland where CG and it's gallery are located. As you may know CG recently opened a gallery in Paris to introduce their artists to a broader audience. As for Creativity Explored: we're located in SF and we felt Issues would be a cool place (not to mention appropriate, considering the subject matter)to show the art of CE in a city we don't often exhibit in. Did I mention Joe and Noella are the greatest too.
2008-08-16 20:03:43 GMT